Light Waves

Light Waves

As we move through Covid there is light at the end of the tunnel. After being prevented from travelling, having a meal together, sharing a beer at our local pub, holding each other in our arms at a symposium, creating together on exciting sites, let us now share our personal visions of Light.  We are now approaching a pivotal light moment – in the northern hemisphere, the Winter Solstice with its shortest day and in the southern hemisphere with its longest day…a perfect time of the year to act together to celebrate light. 

On this day, in each of our locations, all over this dear world of ours, we could throw an installation, a poem, a music improvisation, a performance, a movie, a photograph, a dance... in our kitchen, own garden, public park, town square, foot of a neighbouring hill, sand of a beach, top of a big mountain... to celebrate LIGHT. The theme is vast. The possible implications of the subject are almost limitless. 

Invoke the lightnings mastered by Zeus and Thor? Build a new observatory for planets and stars? Listen to the first words of the Bible’s God: “Let there be Light!”? Reckon the diffraction, refraction, colours’ spectra and speed of the light? Make an inventory of spiritual beings’ halos? Join with the chorus of nature’s animals as the light calls forth another day or play with the shadows of trees as the light paints on nature’s ground.

Which dimension of light will each of us choose, to celebrate and share in the spirit of AiNIN ? All projects will be published on this blog on December 21, 2021.

Let us enjoy creating together again...!


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