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light waves - an online AiNin members exhibition

  December 21, 2021. In the northern hemisphere the day is at its shortest and in the southern hemisphere it is at its longest. Whether short or long, this day marks a key change with the sun rising earlier or later each day.  Light is important to our mental well-being, to our dance with nature? In the depth of winter we long for more light and at the height of summer we are woken early with the sounds of nature calling the day into action.     We have chosen this day to celebrate light and for AiNIN members to share their personal visions and stories of light.  The day is not only a day of rebirth and change for the planet but also is a day for AiNIN members to celebrate our own organisation and its strength of purpose. Akunzo -  Karola Pezarro and Aris de Bakker Light in The Netherlands ...a reflection of the sky in flooded land Beni Altmüller Light from the Forest Plants, trees feed on the sun. They store light energy in their cells. My object pools this depot of light to form a st

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