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December 21, 2021. In the northern hemisphere the day is at its shortest and in the southern hemisphere it is at its longest. Whether short or long, this day marks a key change with the sun rising earlier or later each day.  Light is important to our mental well-being, to our dance with nature? In the depth of winter we long for more light and at the height of summer we are woken early with the sounds of nature calling the day into action.  


We have chosen this day to celebrate light and for AiNIN members to share their personal visions and stories of light.  The day is not only a day of rebirth and change for the planet but also is a day for AiNIN members to celebrate our own organisation and its strength of purpose.

Akunzo - Karola Pezarro and Aris de Bakker

Light in The Netherlands

...a reflection of the sky in flooded land

Beni Altmüller

Light from the Forest

Plants, trees feed on the sun. They store light energy in their cells.

My object pools this depot of light to form a star, whose rays point out in all directions.

Monique Bastiaans


Maria Bemelmans

Lightwaves – Pieces Of Mind

“We are slowed down sound and light waves, a walking bundle of frequencies tuned into the cosmos. We are the souls dressed up in sacred biochemical garments and our bodies are the instruments through which our souls play their music.”
Albert Einstein

Photographed sculpted "moments" of light waves within a landscape. Within these "moments", the sensory perceptions and acquired knowledge merge; to fade into everyone's individual and collective archive. 

A place is a unique point in space, not interchangeable with other places, its location is unique. Each one of us knows its phenomena, the uniqueness of a given place. For instance we know that certain places are suitable for certain specific happenings and occurrences and not for others. It often happens in history that these places retain a constant meaning, because of their suitability, but also because of their specific occurrences.

A place not only has a unique position or geographical disposition, but also its own history, one could say “myth”, or meaningful context. There have been periods in history where people were more aware of these facts as they are today. In the days of the Romans one used to speak of “Genius Loci”, the Spirit of the place.

An artist aware of the place of his work of art, knows something of the history or myths of that place, will be able to include this awareness in his work. An artist confronted with such a place, can shape an idea about its further development and consequently what he or she would like there to happen. This signifies that the artist in fact is developing a scenario for a place and decides to act in order to sustain or call up such a scenario. The transition between inside and outside, culture and nature, become fluid and transitory.

A place consists of layers or slices. We all know the phenomena by which we develop a new plan somewhere. It can only be by making concessions on several points and by maintaining older elements. New plans are adapted to the present day, and more importantly provide a way of making the transition and connection between various layers. These exploring phenomena require an exchange that is beforehand not entirely controllable. Within the sphere of art it is remarkable how often innovation comes up in unexpected places.

By merging several elements in different combinations, a new view is born. It creates a dialogue between spectator and the piece of art. Light energy activates the material and the space. Light can influence a work in unexpected ways, such as light appears to bounce of water transforming translucent and shimmering artificial waves. It reflects the spirit of materials glass, stone, metal, air, mist in the environmental site specific art, objects and installations. Light waves and Pieces of Mind melting together to …

Carlotta Brunetti


as seen from my hospital room window on December 17, 2021

Philippe Cusse

It’s very difficult for an artist to talk about light  

good light, bad light...
most artist are like a plant, for growing they need light . 

Light and shade, contrast, camaieu, monochrome, all my pictures talk about that : 
Window, and insect house sculptures 1 and 2 

Francois Davin

Today, the sun gallops on my walls

On the way to the garden, on the 2nd of December (anniversary of the victorious 1805 battle of Austerlitz, where the sun supposedly blinded the Austrian and Russian armies), I like to forget  wars and use the walls of my house to mark time and date. If Râ, god of the Sun, blesses my hallway, every  Dec 2nd I will know when it is 3pm, 4pm and 5pm, and if, at 3pm, the sunlight corresponds to the mark on the wall, no need to look at the calendar: we will be Dec, 2nd.

2:55 pm on the 2nd of December, François waits for 3pm to mark the halo’s shape

Here we are, at 3pm, exactly, François marks the 3pm halo.

Serious and fast operation, waste no time to finish the mark.


5pm. Last reddish hand of my new sun clock. 
Time to open the grey-blue door, enter the kitchen, brew a good cup of tea.
Next year, on the 2nd of December, tea will be timely.

Even for one day, it feels so good to replace my watch, my alarm clock, my calendar, by the gallop of the sun...

Do Delaunay

Hommage à la Lumière

Sally Ducrow

Two Light Waves

This Way to the Light

Light at the end of the Tunnel

Simone Eisler

Night in the Garden

The Brisbane City Botanic Gardens is a constructed space, a museum of nature which celebrates nature’s diversity. Now a lifeless ossuary of bleached cast skeletal remains of animals, fish and coral, the deathly site references the Garden’s early history as a zoo, but more importantly our dangerous future. I see this graveyard as a prescient foreboding of a dying world caused by the folly of human induced climate change lit by artificial light. 

photographs by Louis Lim

Bart Ensing

Light adds magic to my installations, but I love the dark!

I make art with and in nature. Often installations with a large number of threads in a tree. People can walk into the installation, interact with. I make people look at trees in a different, more intense way. This often is a meditative experience. Adding light to these installations makes this almost fairly like! 
I love to offer people this experience, at light festivals, light walks. But I prefer it to be a temporary experience. For the rest of the year, I prefer the dark and the rays of sunlight over artificial light, I prefer the subtle over the impressive. I prefer nature!

Didier Ferment

Light ?

Perhaps trees gleaming in the light? perhaps trees
on fire? perhaps the final spark of an engulfed forest ? perhaps
a reawakening? perhaps a mere figment of my imagination? ... 
I do not know...

Linda Gordon

Flash of Snow

Lorna Green

Three different Lights

Sun after the Rain and Wind

Light and Tree

Sunset through the Branches

Dorry van Haersolte

Light Waves 

In the water. 
Light coming through frozen water. 
As reflections in frozen forms created by oxygen. 
Unable to escape they keep shining. 
A small wonder of nature where birds will fly with their wings towards the light.

Leli Hoch


Irene Hoppenberg

Some Light on the Horizon

"When I am there, I am without care" is a quote from King Frederick II of Prussia.
He had a castle and park built and named them Sanssouci which means literally  “careless”.
I took my photo this December during a walk in Sanssouci Park which I love to visit at any time of the year.

Warren Langley

"100,000 moons"

Images are for a current proposal not yet built and awaiting decision
By night the work becomes a lunar observatory. 
By day it is a mirrored surface which engages the viewer and the surroundings in a constant dialogue. 
By night the mirrored surface transforms into a light transmitting, glowing structure aligned to capture the full moon rise through the sculpture. 

The proposed artwork is titled "100,000 moons" which references the number of full moonrises that the artwork has seen since the sea level rose to its current position at the end of the Pleistocene.

Jarek Lustych

Light Action

For a various reasons it's quite difficult for me to think about light right now. However a few years ago I made a Midsummer action. Here is its short documentation. Such a combination of the shortest and the longest nights seems appropriate to me. 

Myriam du Manoir

Light and Snow

Elisabeth Melkonyan

Tree of Lightness

Raffia and brushes in Terfens, a small village in Tyrol, Austria

Thomas Neumaier


ever higher, ever further, ever faster, getting richer

we want to race into the future.

we accelerate our globe until we reach the earth

flies around the ears and there will be a big explosion.

Is that the light of the future?

Maurizio Perron

The last minute of the sun, it will come back around mid February

It was minus 38°C that day

Leonard Rachita

Shadow Light

Shadow Light Paris

Shadow Light Q1 Paris

About Limits 15 Paris

Roger Rigorth


Anna and Michael Rofka

Water Lily

photo of an artwork, which we have realized recently as a team.
'Water Lily'_ D about 3 m, swimming object_Fleece, palstic tubes _Sarstedt/ region Hildesheim/ Germany 2021

Susanne Ruoff

"Fallen from heaven"

a work I did in the Swiss alps this summer. 

It is dark night, but there is allways light, shining from somewhere.........

Peter Josef Maria Schneider 

Light Waves

Johan Sietzema ""

                            Solving part 1


Installation  2020/2021   

 Heemtuin Geldermalsen.



But something already started

The fresh wood dragged in,

Mixed, intertwined with parts
From what was already inside
Being stuck and sitting
Grows into a kind of bubble
With thoughts of outside.
Wood that grows,
Wood that is already stuck
To practical form, meet each other
What is nature, where is the craft.
Searching together for a possible solution
And now we're outside.

Solving part 2


What’s left over, about what I was thinking, building and weaving, cleaning my room.
What is left over, alone, here, without the landscape outsite, the big world around.
Sniffing like a dog, an animal. My whole world in pieces, to connect, to recognice, to talk with like dogs do, peeing on the spot.
Dreaming of a meating, a show, a creation of art. Hearing the voices, smelling nature again.
What do you think. Too alone too long. The mind of an old man.
This is like it started, inside, maybe for more than a year ago.
This is it now, outside again; the grass, the trees, the water, the sun, the sensation…………
Everything seems like air,
Lost from solid ground
Weaving and dancing
The shades of light
So bright, so clear
Entwined and pinned up
Into the sky

Thierry Teneul


Earlier this year, in the Spring time, it happens that I made a sculpture called « Lumière » (light in French). It was in Varengeville in Normandy, near Dieppe, and was part of an event called « Impressionist Normandy ». 
For those who do not know the place, Georges Braque lived there and was buried in the « cimetière marin » of this village. It is also where Claude Monet painted a famous view of the village church and several sunsets as seen from that coast. 
Jean d’Ango, major 16th century French shipper, who financed Verrazziano’s trip from Florida to Newfoundland and the first identification of Manhattan, lived there.
With Valérie* and our children we witnessed there the complete solar eclipse of 1999.
In memory of all that, I created a branch sculpture 6meters diameter, oriented west, opening on the Pays de Caux norman landscape. It is exactly 2 kilometers away and in the axis of Georges Braque’s house.
If you go there at the summer solstice, the sun sets right in the center of the sculpture. 
Newt solstice, on June 21 2022, St John’s fire day, the sculpture will be set in fire at the moment the sun sets. Music will be played.
You are all invited to take part to the feast!!!


*Many of us have known Valérie who shared Thierry’s creations in so many AiNIN events

Terry vGtO

"into the..."

Joelle Xavier

December 21st Solstice

Various meanings this date expresses for other parts of the globe and for humanity : a difference of  perspectives infinitely multiple… a rebirth in the North, light that will slowly decline in the South, winter and summer, night… and day.


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